Inventive Recycling Workshops


diskettebin.gifkite.gif  This back-to-school season, Bay Area residents of all ages can take part in a “new workshop about old things” at the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch in the Bayview neighborhood.  Among other things, the Made From Scrap team will show you how ot make a kite from old plastic bags, magnets from computer chips and a coat rack from metal clothes hangers.  Have creative recycling scheme of your own?  Propose a workshop or nominate an instructor!


2 Responses to “Inventive Recycling Workshops”

  1. murketing » Blog Archive » Scraptastic? Perhaps. Says:

    [...] in another bit of unconsumption news, Everyday Trash points to Made From Scrap, a San Francisco organization that does workshops on repurposing plastic [...]

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