¡Viva la Botella!


pethouse.jpg  It’s a good thing I’m not the only garblogger on the World Wide Web or you trash-hungry readers would be out of luck this dreary Monday. After braving the flash floods of Manhattan Island this morning, I was too cold and wet to hunt for garbage facts this morning. Luckily, colleague and regular tipster Keith R. over at The Temas Blog has enough trashy goodness for the both of us. In the seventh installment of his trash photos series, Keith profiles PET bottle architect Andreas Froese who has built houses out of reused bottles in Honduras, Colombia and now, Bolivia. Nothing like an inspirational use of trash story to brighten a rainy day. Thanks, Keith!

Photo via Andreas Froese via The Temas Blog

One Response to “¡Viva la Botella!”

  1. 321 area code Says:

    As a dovno, I saw the story on the news that one man from Siberia, built a cottage, but glass bottles, and as he said the house polychilsya very warm.

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