Weekly Compactor


In trash news this week:

2 Responses to “Weekly Compactor”

  1. kimberly Says:

    1. i am going to know WAY to much about trash from hereon out.

    2. but i love the idea of a weekly compactor!

    3. i know its my morbidly curious side, but you need a death & trash category

    4. what does it say that police in Sunnyvale assume every dead body spells murder until proven otherwise? Maybe that’s just a precaution to make sure all shady circumstances get checked out, but it seems a tad sad to me.

    5. i was reading notes from Sig Gissler’s beat note pep talk to the newbies at the school. he said: always talk to sanitation workers – no one ever interviews them and they see EVERYTHING in the nabe. Wish I’d thought of that.

    6. I will now maintain radio silence for a while as I’ve reached my weekly limit for comments.

  2. death by trash « everyday trash Says:

    […]   Last week, my friend Kimberly suggested I add a category to everyday trash that would cover those killed by trash or in trash related incidents.  My hesitation isn’t that I think the material is lacking, on the contrary it’s everywhere, but rather a fear of trivializing the seriousness of death by trash.  As Kimberly pointed out to me today, it’s no picnic to live in the away to which other people throw their unwanted things.    Posted by everydaytrash Filed in trash politics […]

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