death by trash


trashdeath.jpg  Last week, my friend Kimberly suggested I add a category to everyday trash that would cover those killed by trash or in trash related incidents.  My hesitation isn’t that I think the material is lacking, on the contrary it’s everywhere, but rather a fear of trivializing the seriousness of death by trash.  As Kimberly pointed out to me today, it’s no picnic to live in the away to which other people throw their unwanted things.   

4 Responses to “death by trash”

  1. kimberly Says:

    It is true that I sent this to you initially because it’s another case of trash intersecting with death, and while I’m not keen to admit it, I have a persistent and visceral curiousity about morbidity.

    However, when I reread this, it became far more interesting because the government actually resigned, making this a case in which how waste mismanagement not only directly threatens a nation’s health but also its entire existence (precarious it may have been to begin with). That’s what makes this really pressing.

    Here’s the earlier bit, if my html works.

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    “They sold off our health” is a pretty powerful slogan. Thanks for the second link. And the comment. Actually, come to think of it this blog wouldn’t be here without you!

  3. weekly compactor « everyday trash Says:

    […] A Native American chief in rural Utah is angry that nuclear waste WON’T be stored on his tribe’s land.  Clearly he hasn’t been reading everyday trash. […]

  4. Update on Côte d’Ivoire « everyday trash Says:

    […]   It seems there has been yet another death by trash this week.  A seventh person diedyesterday from the ill effects of toxic waste dumped in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.  Earlier this week the entire parliament resigned over the scandal.  The ministry of health now estimates 1,600 others are sick from “fuel slops” dumped by a ship described in varying news reports as “Panamanian” “Greek-owned” and “Dutch-based”, though I suppose it could be all three.  The UN and French officials have confirmed that 400 tons of the toxic waste was dumped at several sites around the city.  […]

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