The Humanure Handbook


humanurecover.jpg  After writing here about composting toilets, I felt a little guilty about dismissing them as yuppy outhouses so I decided to look just a little more into home and office use.  After contemplating a place to begin research, I found the answer right here on the sidebar:  In the comments, I also found a link to The Humanure Handbook by Joseph C. Jenkins, a catch-all volume with punny chapter titles with tons of information about the ecological, practical and spiritual benefits of turning human feces into soil fuel (I recommend the section entitled “Deep Sh*t” in which he speaks to a humble nunnery).

But are these composting toilets practical?

In a later chapter, Jenkins predicts:  “The toilets of the future will also be collection devices rather than waste disposal devices. The collected organic material will be hauled away from homes and composted under the responsibility of municipal authorities, perhaps under contract with a private sector composting facility.”

Until then, we city dwellers might have trouble fitting  a bulky toilet with a composting chamber into our tiny apartments and anyone without a serious compost pile will have some serious problem solving to do when it comes time to empty the john (you farm people, however, had best get to it setting a green example).  Advocacy step one includes community composting and adding human waste in municipal recycling collection. 


7 Responses to “The Humanure Handbook”

  1. kimberly Says:

    if we can put a man on the moon….etc. etc. etc.

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  5. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  6. Topher Says:

    You can make them yourself, or buy them from Jenkins at:

    As to practical, go visit your local munical sewage treatment plant, then decide for yourself.

  7. esther Says:

    Did I tell you about mine?

    and I even made one for the little one:

    and believe me, I made them first time, not to have to pay loads of money for the plumber to install pipes and stuff…and now, we all love the system, which I empty every three days on my compost….smells? Nope! just a bit of woodsmell from the wood dust, which is a nice smell.

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