Minnesotans against trash


hdpledge.jpg  While in Minneapolis for a friend’s wedding, I was standing in line at a gift shop when I noticed a green guide to the Twin Cities.  The guide compiled tips on organic shopping, along with coupons for local green vendors.  I noticed a promo for the Web site reduce.org and decided to check it out when I got home.  As it turns out, reduce is a great site chock full of simple tips for cutting down on waste at home and at the office.  You gotta hand it to those (sometimes) progressive upper Mid-Westerners!  And the advice isn’t specific to Minnesota, it could be follwed anywhere in the U.S.


2 Responses to “Minnesotans against trash”

  1. kimberly Says:

    i love the section on reducing office paper use – as a huge culprit of paperwaste myself, i’ve been thinking about how to bring up papersaving incentives to my workplace, and this looks like a great tool.

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Yeah, I agree with using both sides of the page, though the research department at my office is forever printing two pages to a sheet, which makes for some serious squinting over tables and charts!

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