Holiday Trash


gift.jpg In what should no longer be a shockingly quick transition, it is now officially holiday (read: Christmas) season. Construction paper turkeys and all things harvest have been stripped from store windows to be replaced with snowmen, candy canes and token symbols of non-Chirstian festivals. My family has been emailing around such specific wish lists that shopping for each other has become more choreographed inventory filling than thoughtful selection. Of course, wish lists guarantee that what we get is what we wanted, thus reducing holiday-related waste and, worse, regifting. [I’ve been trying hard to see wedding and baby registries as well as brand-specific Christmas wish lists as environmentally friendly and efficient and not just tacky and materialistic.]

Green-themed gift ideas fall into a similarly questionable category. On the one hand, the products recommended are recycled, Earth-friendly and what-have-you. On the other hand, suggested gift lists play into our stuff-driven culture and I, for one, am often tempted to treat myself to a slew of new purchases at this time every year.

Here are a few of the seductive links I’ve come across so far this season…

  • Fabulously Green shares ideas for the modern home;
  • Green Loop compiles sustainable fashion and organic creams;
  • Cool Hunting starts what is sure to be a long season of helpful gift suggestions with a roundup of stylish wrapping papers (some green);
  • Great Green Baby continues its year-round mandate of green gift suggestions, while Great Green Goods includes seasonal items such as menorahs made from recylced glass and pipe;
  • The Grist holiday list takes an intellectual approach to the quest; and
  • The Groovy Green Blog argues the virtues of a living Christmas Tree.

More roundups of roundups are sure to come as the holiday lists come drifting in.

Feeling like a dirty Capitalist? Purge on this buy nothing Christmas link or check out the recycled trees rounded up by The Temas Blog.

One Response to “Holiday Trash”

  1. kimberly Says:

    Wow, buy nothing day has come a long way. I love all the clever posters. The Santa Came/Jesus Wept poster is my favorite, but I think that’s a little too much for the office. I opted for posting the All Wound Up…? poster at the entrance to my little cubicle.

    I’m slow though – I don’t get the MORE poster.

    I remain ambivalent about registries. Maybe cool for big events for once (or…twice) in a lifetime events like weddings and births, but for birthdays and xmas, I feel like friends and family should be obligated to be thoughtful on their own, and that in our roles as receivers we should reconsider what kind of gifts are meaningful. I’m also a big fan of letting people know that REALLY, it’s okay to forgo bringing a gift.

    Finally, there is always the Miss Manners axiom: a gift is a gift, not an obligation.

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