greenest games ever


greengames.jpg London set some environmental targets today to reduce waste at the next Olympic games. A glossy report lays out plans to reduce water use and carbon emissions and to build fewer buildings that will just get knocked down than have past games. The one thing I might question, however, is the argument that choosing to build in the ghetto was the environmentally (or socially) friendly way to go:

The Park is primarily situated on contaminated and derelict land. The landscape of the valley is dominated by past industry and overhead electrical pylons. It is also home to some of the most deprived communities in the country. Three of the Host Boroughs contain the third, forth and the eleventh most deprived wards in the country4. East London also experiences significant levels of unemployment with three boroughs higher than 10 per cent, or roughly twice the English average: with Hackney 16.4 per cent, Newham 13.5 per cent, and Tower Hamlets at 11.8 per cent5.”

Sounds like this community needs a large influx of temporary jobs and heavy traffic!


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