Hong Kong trash


leila_happyhour_hongkong-034.jpg  Hello from Hong Kong.  The lovely YMCA here provides broadband in every room, so before my 24 hour Internet card wears off, I thought I’d post this photo from today’s jet lagged excursion to Central Hong Kong.  Not much to report, trash-wise, though I do want to report on the long flight over.  The kind flight attendants at Cathay Pacific ask each guest if s/he would like an eye shade instead of providing one in the little kit with toothbrush and travel socks.  I’d like to believe this is to cut back on wasted materials.  In honor of this, perhaps-minor-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things-though-still-noted-and-appreciated gesture, I plan to make myself a travel smock when I get home using my sizable-and-formerly-useless eye mask collection.  Stay tuned for more Asian trash stories when I hit the main land…

One Response to “Hong Kong trash”

  1. kimberlykinchen Says:

    Hey everyone! Technical snafu – I’m posting over on my blog til Leila returns and we can get stuff moved over here to its rightful place!

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