Weekly Compactor


naiomi.jpg Happy first day of Spring!

This week in trash news:

2 Responses to “Weekly Compactor”

  1. Keith R Says:

    Leila, welcome back! Hope the trip to China was good. We missed you.

    On bioplastics, there have been alot of “tech breakthrough” announcements in Brazil lately, maybe I should do a piece about them. Alot of unease in the recycling community about bioplastics. Some people think that it may simply encourage people to stop worrying about littering and wasting, telling themselves well at least that plastic will decompose more quickly (if they think about it all). Question in my mind always is, will these “bioplastics” really decompose **quickly and fully enough** to make a positive difference in the litter/waste problem

    On trash wars, have you seen the landfill battle playing itself out on the pages of the Barbados Free Press blog? I did a brief about it pointing people in that direction, as it’s a rare chance to watch a landfill battle in the blogosphere as it happens.

    Thanks for the article about the Durban landfill gas power generating plant. They are talking about doing something similar across Brazil, and the electricity regulator, ANEEL, has proposed a total exemption from transmission and distribution tariffs for such biogas projects as an incentive (really, a subsidy by another name).

    Trouble is, tucked into the proposal is to do likewise for incinerators burning trash from municipal landfills!

    Now, I question the need for subsidizing incineration in the first place, even less so doing it in such a sneaky fashion. But think for a moment — if they are put on an equal footing, which would you, as the mayor of a Brazilian town with a strapped budget, authorize a private contractor to build and operate — a biogas project that will generate modest power, or an incinerator that will generate more and get rid of much of that trash in the town dump in the process? We know which one most mayors will pick, even though they may know that the emissions from the incinerator might hurt the town in the long run, that the environmental regulator probably won’t enforce emission standards, and there may be toxic ash to deal with. Anyway, on my blog I questioned such stealth subsidies…

    Have you seen these “trash men” sculptures? Interesting concept, I think you might want to take a peek at: http://www.haschult.de/trash.html

    Also, the following might be interesting to a fellow garblogger: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/Business/html/20070320T220000-0500_120668_OBS_SCRAP_METAL_NOW_A_US___B_BUSINESS.asp
    I asked in my blog if this was a case of “recycling” (I’m not sure I would qualify it as such) run amuck…

    I’m currently working on pieces about metals recycling and a controversy in southern Brazil where locals oppose a facility for recycling lead-acid batteries. Maybe I’ll have a chance to make the weekly compactor! 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

    Un abrazo,

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Thanks, Keith. It’s always nice to read your expert insights. I hope you do post on bioplastics, your caution to be more skepitcal of “scientific advancements” is an intriguing one. I look forward to reading about that debate, as well as metal recycling on the Temas blog.

    By the way, those trash men are AMAZING. Thanks for the link!

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