Plastic People


69.jpg  And speaking of trash people, fellow garblogger Ruby Re-Usable has been busy installing a collection of her own.  Using an industrial roll of plastic wrap discarded by a local food co-op, the artist began by wrapping friends in plastic, added some tape and ended up with the lifelike and transluscent figures on view this month all over Olympia, Washington.  A documentary of the installation project debuts locally tomorrow (I’ll let you know if I hear of other screenings). 

What I love about this project is that, just like the flip-flop whale in Kenya, it takes something cast aside and turns it into something fun and beautiful for the community to enjoy.  These whimsical plastic wrap people seem absolutely interactive—and without any bells, whistles, motors or gadgets. 

They remind me of another favorite installation—the Stoker Project’s tape babies.


4 Responses to “Plastic People”

  1. ruby re-usable Says:

    Thanks for posting about my project, but you didnt miss much at the world premire (except for the popcorn), there were only about a dozen of us in attendance, the documentary is ok but not great (it is about all 8 artists who created temporary art for the city of Olympia arts commission, so only 5 minutes about my project). Dont expect any screenings beyond Olympia, but when there is a youtube of the next trashy people project, I will let you know, until then, love, etc Ruby

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    That’s too bad the doc was a bust. I’ll look forward to one day posting utube documentaries of trash put to good use!

  3. tape n trash Says:

    nice one–these look a lot like jenkins tape people installations (pre-storker circa 2003)

    here’s a link to about how he relates his work to trash.

  4. everydaytrash Says:

    Rock on.

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