Trashtastic Tuesday: The Language of Trash


  This week on Trashtastic Tuesday, we take a moment to examine the word choice of trash talk.  In discussing our respective passions for the narrow yet highly bloggable subjects of chocolate and trash, my friend Emily Stone and I decided to dedicate a post each to language.  Below is a compilation of links to what the experts have to say about garbology, the concept of zero waste, sustainability and solid waste.  These are terms essential to the understanding of broader trash issues.  [Editor’s note:  In fact, if everydaytrash were a European blog, I would long ago have been kicked off the Internet for failing to define the key terms up front before marching on to present a solid argument in outline form.  Aplogies to any Europeans I may have confused in the past, consider this a new leaf.] 

Check out Chocolate in Context for a parellel glossery (with far more original reporting, I might add).  And while you’re over there, vote for Emily.  She’s <this> close to a free trip to California from some contest called “Grill Me.”

  • Wikipedia, almighty Internet resource, compiles the goods on garbology, the archeological study of people via sifting through what they throw away;
  • Gary Liss of the Grass Roots Recycling Network (GRRN) lays out the top resources on zero waste, the jihad againt excess;
  • Green fashion diva fiftyRx3 defines sustainability, the quest for lasting solutions to environmental problems;
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency redefines solid waste, the kind of trash the government collects.

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