Trash Tides


indiaphoto.jpg Check out this AFP shot featured by the BBC’s Day in Pictures segment yesterday.

“For the last week, the sea around Juhu beach in Mumbai, India, has been churning out more than 300 tones of rubbish every day because of changes in sea currents and waves.”

4 Responses to “Trash Tides”

  1. Green man Says:

    Holy cow, that is horrible!!

  2. Riverswan Says:

    Very amusing Green man. Not surprising though when one considers the amount of trash that gets thrown into rivers in India. For some more insight into waste in Delhi check out

  3. everydaytrash Says:

    Thanks for the link, Riverswan!

  4. Little Shiva Says:

    This image and that swfc blog link should be headline news around the world, every day. The only way to reduce all this crap is by making it visible. Out of sight, out of mind. Hats off to Leila for the best trash blog going. Mine is the slow version, at

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