East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse



My friend Joe and his girlfriend moved to San Francisco last year.  At first, I didn’t understand how ANYONE could leave New York, but every now and again Joe sends an email that makes it all make sense.  For example, this morning he sent me some West Coast garbage links including this one to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.   It started as a supply-exchange set up by a couple of teachers and looks like it has blossomed into a community center with all kinds of reuse projects and resources, including a store  How cool is that?  Pardon me while I go mining the Depot links page for story ideas…thanks, Joe!

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4 Responses to “East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse”

  1. The Return of Trashtastic Tuesday « everydaytrash Says:

    […] feature had died, never fear!  My friend Joe in San Fran has been hooking me up remotely with quality trash content from the other coast.  The other day he emailed me a link to a new bandshell in Panhandle park made by local artists […]

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