makutano.jpg  Please excuse the silence of the past couple weeks, it seems that in addition to the preplanned souvenirs I brought back from my most recent trip to Africa, a wee parasite got a ride to New York as well.  It’s been a memorable holiday season, to say the least!  Anyway, anyway, I’m back, recovered, rehydrated and eager to tell you about the adorable cloth bag I bought in Tanzania for a friend.  Makutano is a Tanzanian women’s collective putting out all kinds of fun crafts, including brightly printed cloth totes.  The “one less plastic bag” bags are in response to Tanzania’s outright ban on plastic bags.  For a country with the fraction of the first world’s infrastructure, this is a most impressive move!

Photo via the Makutano Web site.

2 Responses to “Makutano”

  1. Ruby Re-Usable Says:

    Did you find any crotched plastic bag dolls by any chance? I would still like to do a trade…love, etc Ruby

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    The search continues!

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