Where I’ll be tonight


Check out this exciting trashie event listing via nonsense nyc, I’ll let you know all about it by the weekend!
The NYC Department of Sanitation and New York University present:

A free illustrated lecture, exhibition tour, and status report on the DSNY museum-in-the-making by Robin Nagle, Ph.D., DSNY Anthropologist-in-Residence, and Haidy Geismar, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, NYU.

New York City choked on its own trash for much of its early existence. Until Gotham got serious about sanitation, foul-smelling streets, staggering infant mortality rates, and short life expectancies were normal characteristics of city life.

Using newly rediscovered photos from the DSNY’s own collection, Profs. Nagle and Geismar will recount how the Department of Street Cleaning and its successor, the Department of Sanitation, transformed New York from a public health minefield to a safe and sanitary home for millions. They will also describe their recent efforts to create a permanent NYC Department of Sanitation Museum.

The lecture will take place within the ongoing exhibition Loaded Out: Making a Museum. Profs. Nagle and Geismar will conduct a brief tour of the exhibit after their talk. On display are rare historical DSNY images and memorabilia, including a scale replica of a DSNY tugboat and barge, built by sanitation craftsmen in 1952; a sanitation worker’s uniform, customized for the 1939 World’s Fair; a pith helmet worn by one of the White Wings, NYC‘s famous white-uniformed street cleaners of the 1890s; and vintage film footage describing the varied duties of the DSNY in 1950.

136 West 20th Street, second floor, between 6th and 7th avenues, Manhattan

Continues SUNDAY, January 13 at 6p
212 998 8065

Who knew the department of sanitation had an anthropologist in residence?!

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