Garbage Art, a lost YouTube gem


This week, fellow garblogger, The Visible Trash Society salutes Jo Hanson. San Fran’s first sanitation artist in residence. Check out the post and mini-doc dug up from the Internet on the topic.

2 Responses to “Garbage Art, a lost YouTube gem”

  1. Juliana Says:

    I’ve been a distant fan of the artist residency program this film is about… I’ve actually considered moving to the area just to be able to apply for the residency (they require that you be a resident)..! It’s great to see some actual footage of the program and its artists.. I would love to see this kind of program replicated in other cities.. Does anyone have any ideas about ho wthat could happen, or do you know about anywhere else where something like this project is being attempted??

  2. Cyndi Blaine Says:

    Excellent read! I enjoy your site very much.

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