Eco-chic backlash


One thing I’ve been meaning to post more about here is the ecochic backlash, or the mass marketing of “green” goods that encourage us to buy more instead of create less. I for one am always tempted to buy trash-themed items, even ones I don’t need because I’m enticed by the idea of repurposed and recycled goods. It’s hard to tame my inner consumer! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 Responses to “Eco-chic backlash”

  1. paula Says:

    as a struggling artist who would rather make a living with my art than be stuck in a job that kills my soul, I too still struggle with making something even in the name of art because it is just more STUFF.
    but i have to live somehow and sitting in an office wasting paper and doing superfluous made up things, is that any better?
    as far as the mass marketing and all, i’m not a part of that, but i kind of agree it gets out of hand, everyone seems almost desperate if you look at all the websites that are mass producing more sh– just to sell stuff ~be it in the name of green or not.
    right now i am taking a serious look at what i am making and why. (i see you did a post on the garbage warrior awhile back as did i and that has changed my thinking)
    i go to the scrap yard and dump and try to buy nothing and make something from that. i realize that replacing everything with something else, even if it is less harmful or whatever to the environment still is consumerism. we could all do with less. i’ve personally gotten rid of everything i own as far as material goods and live with as little as possible. take away my art supplies and clothes (all gotten at the dump) and i have nothing but a computer and some papers. I use one plate, one bowl….i can enjoy beautiful things but it doesn’t mean i need to own it.
    maybe that is off track of your question. lately i am bugged by how people feel the need to redo homes and its always the same thing over and over. all i can say is, gimmi an earthship!!!!!!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Thanks for your insight, Paula. Can any of us really say we’re “not part of it” though?

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