Intersections of green and trash


As Earth Day approaches, I’m nudged more and more each day by emails from PR agencies to blog about one or another eco-product (a note to publicists: I am happy to receive press releases, but is very specifically about garbage so story ideas about the environment in general are best sent to green bloggers). One such nudge came recently from the buzz marketing manager at the New York TImes, aka my sister. She thought you guys might like to see this video (takes a minute to load) about a modern homestead in California where one family has gone beyond recycling to self-sufficiency. The clip goes along with this week’s eco-themed Times magazine. Here are the trash-related blurbs I found interesting, despite a general distaste for the concept of a green issue:

  • San Fran’s sanitation department collects compost, which is used by local farmers who in turn cook a local feast for the sanitation workers every year (scroll down to third item);
  • Seattle and Boulder have set zero waste goals (third item);
  • The disposable v. cloth diaper debate (third item); and
  • Earthships” are solar homes made from recylced products (fourth item).

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