First World Congress of Waste Pickers


Just got a tip from Maxwell about an international gathering of trash pickers hosted by the Bogotá Association of Recyclers (ARB).

“The 18,000-member ARB hosted hundreds of waste pickers from over 40 countries for a four-day conference in early March. Funded by international non-profits, the First World Congress of Waste Pickers was held “to exchange experiences and to create national and international alliances that will protect us from being stepped on by local governments,” said Ospina. The conference demonstrated that although trash recyclers around the world face socio-economic marginalization and harassment from local authorities, recyclers are also becoming increasingly organized and are winning important victories.”

(Photo by Marty Chen for ARB)


2 Responses to “First World Congress of Waste Pickers”

  1. DumpsterTaoist Says:

    Personally, I think this is fantastic. Many of these people are proud of their jobs as professional reclaimers and make a good living doing so, at least for where they live. It’s another example of Big Waste Companies trying to bully the little guy out of the game and I’m happy to see some organization against those companies. It’s trash, let them have it!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Right on!

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