Biùtiful Cauntri


My friend Jenny in Italy sent me this link to a film called Biùtiful Cauntri, an Italian trash documentary. We’re still searching for a subtitled version for those of us who need them. Jenny sent this note after a recent trip to the front lines of the trash war:

“The situation in the area around Naples is still devastating, this is what this documetantary talks about. The mafia has been dumping toxic waste into farm land for over 14 years, what we are seeing in the papers isn’t news to the neapolitans.”

2 Responses to “Biùtiful Cauntri”

  1. leo Says:

    Hi, i would like to see this movie, has anyone found english subtitles for it?

  2. Wanda Says:

    Let me know too, i am looking for the same thing…

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