Wall-E Verdict


After thoroughly skimming the press out there on Pixar’s trash robot oeuvre, I have chosen a camp on the “beautifully understated, morals shouldn’t be beaten over our heads” versus “apolitical fluff” debate. I liked it. Wall-E sends good messages about trash and its consequences and I believe I would have groaned had the links between an endless trash compaction on Earth and the sad fate of humans in space been made more clear. Of course, I don’t expect kids to go home and refuse Wall-E themed toys because they now understand the dangers of consumerism. But if we’re talking about important causes and saving what’s endangered, then my allegiance goes to all that is subtle.

As for the film itself, I agree that the first half is the best part. I was, of course, charmed by the little guy’s trash collection (in fact, it reminds me I have one more story from Oslo to share, that of an obsessive collector and found object artist). The only drawback for me (other than having to admit to buying into a Disney product) was that while Wall-E himself is very human and lovable, his love interest Eve is a cold machine. Despite warming a bit as the film goes on, she never quite acquires a personality. While I know some guys go for the ice queen thing, watching the wooing of a tin can gets a little old as the film wears on.

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