With love and squalor


Everydaytrash received some TH blog love yesterday for hosting Carnival of the Green (thanks Tree Hugger!). This little shout out plus links back to the carnival boosted Web hits all week. Logical enough. Wanna know what else boosts web hits? Mentioning Robert Rauschenberg, Marcel DuChamp and interviewing Francophone North African trash art curators in Norway. Google searches for Rauchenberg and DuChamp bring in hits every day. In fact, the day Rauchenberg died everydaytrash.com reached an all time record in page views (Heath Leger’s death caused a spike as well as googlers seeking info on “Michelle Williams” clicked through to a post where I once mentioned that she lives in my hood). On a less morbid note, external links to the Trashtastic Tuesday Q & A featuring Samir M’kadmi feed a steady stream of readers my way. Which reminds me, I need to scan some images and post more on Jon Gundersen, a Norwegian found object artist I met in Oslo through M’kadmi.

Photo of pacifiers collected by GUndersen ripped from the Du Store Verden! site

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