Baaaahd ass trash art


[Forgive the post title. It was created late at night during a tedious search for trash news.] Keith R. over at The Temas Blog turned me on to these amazing telephone sheep. I guess I missed it when TreeHugger and others posted on these in June. Better late than never. These funky and adorable hunks of trash art are part of a Jean Luc Cornec installation at the Frankfurt Museum of Communications in Germany. These things are just plain amazing. For a more intellectualized analysis, check out this GreenUpgrader post.

Photo ripped from Flikr

5 Responses to “Baaaahd ass trash art”

  1. paula Says:

    thats what i said when i saw this
    thats just cool sick.

  2. MANGA-FU Says:

    Very nice !

  3. J-Buff Says:

    Your sheep BLEET the wool out of other junk art!

  4. Blondie’s Blahblah » Blog Archive » Telefoninės avys Says:

    […] [via EverydayTrash] […]

  5. everydaytrash Says:

    Wish they were mine. I’d put a pair in the living room.

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