Trash love, a two way street


The incomparable Little Shiva over at The Visible Trash Society made my day with a digital collage and glowing post dedicated to…!  What an honor, especially coming from a respected colleague.  Little Shiva is an artist, trashie and graphic designer who lives in Belgium but has her virtual finger on the pulse on the broader art and garbage world.  It’s via Visible Trash that I’ve discovered things like the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra, Joshual Allen’s air bear (of which, you may have noticed, I became a huge fan) and the fantasticly eccentric Friesno Boning (who I then hit up for  Trashtastic Tuesday Q & A).  But my favorite aspect of The Visible Trash Society is that Little Shiva practices what she preaches and makes stuff out of trash.  Go puruse!

One Response to “Trash love, a two way street”

  1. Little Shiva Says:

    I love you too Leila!!! Yay trash!!!

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