While in Zambia this week, I came accross a straw hamper in the waiting area of the Swedish embassy in Lusaka labeled “Chikumbuso“.  It was decorated with an HIV ribbon woven from plastic bags and had a sign on it saying any old plastic bags placed in the hamper would be used to make new woven bags.  It turns out Chikumbuso is a community center that serves widows, single mothers, grandmothers and orphans by running a school for the children and teaching women income-generating skils (such as how to make a bag out of old plastic bags).  I tried to find the place online before leaving, but alas was not able to arrange a visit.  I did find this sweet little video of the women singing, though.

Photo by LearnServe International, found on Flickr


3 Responses to “Chikumbuso”

  1. Kristin Wilkinson Says: is the website. Not sure whether or not you managed to find it. You can get in touch with the project via email at Hope this helps

  2. Kristin Wilkinson Says:

    sorry, very distracted: and

  3. everydaytrash Says:

    Thanks. If I return to Lusaka for work, I’ll definitely look them up.

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