Trashy honeymoon idea


Strapped for travel cash?  Follow this British couple’s lead and redeem cans for miles.

Photo ripped from


4 Responses to “Trashy honeymoon idea”

  1. esther Says:

    haha, that’s funny! I just programmed a post about this, wich will be on my blog tomorrow! guess we like the same things!!!

  2. paula Says:

    I applaud this young couple for not expecting mom and dad to pay for their honeymoon. Very cool humans!!!! It IS addicting to pick up cans, I find myself walking the roads in vermont with a baggie in my hand picking up bottles and cans just for the exercise alone! I also try to live frugally so why not pick up $$ on the side of the road eh? It’s pretty impressive how much they picked up!

  3. everydaytrash Says:

    Agreed. It’s nice to see wedding-related stuff that’s not so materialistic.

  4. Shayne Says:

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