Dumpster Toaist just shot me this amazing tip, a trash-themed game called Gomibako was debuted for Playstation at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

Here’s what the Gamespot review had to say: “Think Tetris, but with garbage. That’s the simplest description of Gomibako, a PlayStation Network puzzle game we found in the Sony booth here on the show floor of the 2008 Tokyo Game Show. It’s a bit early for proclamations–we’re only halfway through day one of TGS–but we can safely say that Gomibako is one of our favorite games of the show so far.”


3 Responses to “Gomibako”

  1. dumpstertaoist Says:

    It looks really fun, a bit like Katamari Damacy which is a truly inspired game. I’m not much of a gamer, but when you got something cool like this, I’m in. The word gomibako is Japanese for garbage can. “garbage box”. 😛 Used to take classes…..

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    It does look fun. I’m going to have to try to play it sometime!

  3. Karissa Says:

    Amazing design! What is the name of it?

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