It all comes back to you:: take the poll


Don’t read this post without taking the poll (pretty please).  I’m super excited for this handy new feature.

Halloween, day of the dead, election day, Thanksgiving…it’s festive season in America.  To add to to fun, November 15th is national America Recycles Day.  Interested trashies can take a break from all those outraged, election-themed forwards and petitions to take a recycling pledge.  This year the event carries the theme “it all comes back to you,” which I find amusing since the tone could be read according to your world view (TAKE THE POLL!!  TAKE THE POLL!!  I JUST LEARNED HOW TO INSERT ONE!!).

For the jaded and the journalists who don’t sign petitions, there’s a link to find out the details about what can be recycled in your community and where and how to do that.  This is a question that I, as a garblogger, get all the time.  Of course, I couldn’t get the link to work.  Let me know if you figure it out.  In the meantime, I’ll search for another.  That shit changes all the time and it’s nice to know whether washing out the bluberry containers is worthwhile or if the city decided only plastic shaped like bottles deserves a second chance at purposeful existance.

For my local peeps, NYC will host “Green Screens” a weekend of electronic recycling events (leave a comment if you’re interested in volunteering and I’ll forward you an email request the CENYC sent out).

P.S.  Please take the poll.


12 Responses to “It all comes back to you:: take the poll”

  1. polythenepam Says:

    I took the poll I took the poll I took the poll I want one

  2. everydaytrash Says:


  3. paula Says:

    i dont see it

  4. everydaytrash Says:

    Oh no, really?

  5. esther Says:

    I took the poll! (er…didn’t know at all what that poll was the first time you wrote the word, until I saw the thing down under, so I guess you won a price for having me taught a new word!!!yep!)

  6. everydaytrash Says:

    Ha. I love it. I have no doubt your blog will improve my French vocab as well.

  7. paula Says:

    what am i supposed to click?

  8. everydaytrash Says:

    There should be a gray box with check boxes in it.

  9. paula Says:

    oh, my no script firefox thing wasn’t allowing it. it didn’t occur to me to check that and allow whatever feigned danger exists. now i can participate 😉

  10. dumpstertaoist Says:

    Not sure about this poll. It asks a simple question: is it a threat or a promise, but then the answers to choose from are “half full” and “half empty” and “both”. What the Hell does that mean?


  11. goddessjaz Says:

    I’m loving the new poll function…now I feel like I got to vote today 🙂

  12. America Recycles Day « everydaytrash Says:

    […] Recycles Day Don’t forget to celebrate America Recycles Day tomorrow!  The poll is in, we think this year’s slogan “It all comes back to you” is both a promise and a […]

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