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For those who did and those who did not attend trash day at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival, here are links to the other sites I mentioned in my talk on Garblogging.  All of the everydaytrash items cited can be found by searching the blog (see search box in the top, right corner) and checking out the various categories compiled in a drop-down menu to the right.

  • Visible Trash Society – Fascinating tidbits on the intersections of art and trash from Belgian-based artist and designer, Little Shiva.
  • Olympia Dumpster Divers – New work and interesting finds from trash artist Ruby Re-Usable.
  • ETSY Trashion blog – Profiles of designers and new products from ETSY, a network of independent vendors.
  • Art for Housewives – A fun and jumbled collection of links and ideas on recycling craft projects.
  • Last Night’s Garbage – Ephemeral pairings of images of New York City’s trash with related text.
  • Gutter Envy – Photos of the gutters of New York City that make them look beautiful.
  • Ecorazzi – Celebrity environmental gossip calling out the hypocrites and saluting those who keep their promises.
  • Wasted Food – A garblog about food waste.
  • 365 Days of Trash and Sustainable Dave – The chronicles of one man’s trash over the course of one year and a new site for forward-thinking solutions.
  • Fake Plastic Fish – One woman tracks her plastic use while blogging about our plastic addiction.  Includes great profiles of others out there in the anti-plastic community.
  • Bring Your Own – Ideas for getting away from our disposable culture.
  • The Temas Blog – Environmental news from Latin America.
  • Le Blog de Esther – Fun for francophones interested in trash.
  • Afrigadget – Honoring tech solutions homegrown in Africa, including incredibly creative and resourceful reuse and recycling.
  • Great Green Goods – Eco-friendly shopping ideas.
  • Carnival of the Green calendar (Hosted by Treehugger) – A roving weekly roundup of the best blog posts on environmental issues.

Many, many more garblogs and green blogs and be found on the side bar, to the right.  Please peruse.

More to come on the other content of the day, which included a screening of Bill Kirkos’ film Trashed and a talk by Elizabeth Royte based on her books Garbage Land and Bottlemania.

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