Lisa Bagwell


bubblewrap1My little speaking gig at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival led to a wealth of blogable discoveries (thank you Susan Conlon for organizing such a fantastic event).

First up, we have Lisa Bagwell, a trash artist in the audience whose “deepest intention remains to raise people’s awareness of the wasteful and destructive lifestyle lived by most Americans.”  Lisa just  since sent me links to her lovely site and wonderful Flickr pool of sculpture, lamps and mobiles.  I dig the slightly creepy mobiles and this intimidating bottle blimp.

And are those recycled pistachio shells on that lamp shade?  Iranians of the world, take note!

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5 Responses to “Lisa Bagwell”

  1. esther Says:

    hihi, finally got some other use for those…I throw them in the fireplace….but this way at least, they light up the place in an other way!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Pistachio shells?

  3. Gregg G Brown Says:

    One of the most interesting artists I have ever come across. All of her intentions deserve a deep second look. She is a rare, true voice in a world of trash!

  4. Surrogate Mother Says:

    i use lamp shades with CFL ubls instead of incandescent lamps, they are much cooler and uses less electricity ,`”

  5. Snooker Table Repairs Man Says:

    That’s really groovy and interesting, like it – whats with the pistachio shells???

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