Upcycling for the Inauguration


I’m heading to DC tomorrow to feel the streets. And then it’s off to Lagos through the weekend for the day job, so advance warning posting may be light this week. In the meantime, enjoy the side bar, archives AND this stellar new webisode from the suburbly-named Threadbanger.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

They pack a lot into six minutes, including two amazing upcycling facts:

1) Number six plastic—such as those clear clam shell containers from the salad bar—can be used to create superfly customized shrinky dinks! [More on this amazing recycling trick from Curbly]

2) You can create your own teeshirt stencil by printing out your design on an old clear plastic folder (finally a use for all that now-awkward A4 stationary aquired during my European junior year abroad).

I love everything about this episode: the shellacked name chain and Obama earrings, the DIY hipster tees, even the brief ad for wePCtv promoting an interview with my internet crush, hip hop DJ, blogger and vlogger Jay Smooth of Underground Railroad, Hip Hop Music and illdoctrine. If there have to be ads, let them be for quality content.

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