Tire Furniture

Brazilian nonprofit makes furniture from scrap tires

Brazilian nonprofit makes furniture from scrap tires

Keith R. over at The Temas blog sent me this link to photos he’s posted from a Brazilian organization called Vida Amiga whose members take old tires and fashion them into furniture, then sell the furniture.  Recycling plus skills building = double sustainable.  I love stories that involve selling things made of trash.  Thanks for the link, Keith!

P.S. The post includes a fantastic roundup of past Temas posts on creative recycling.

2 Responses to “Tire Furniture”

  1. ioman01 Says:

    Thanks for the kind words & plug, Leila. I also love pieces about selling things made from trash, and have alot of them (most from Brazil — those guys are soooo inventive!) in the draft queue, just haven’t had time to finish and post them. Next up, furniture made from PET bottles and stunning pillows made from recycled material….

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Ooh. Looking forward to that post!

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