“Rubbish is our life.”


Regardless of the nuances of international debates, I think all sides can agree it sucks to live in Gaza.

Remeber the sewage floods a couple years ago?  Or that story about the Red Cross having so much trouble bringing contstruction materials into the area that they turned to recycling rubble?

Ever-resourceful, the people of Gaza are no strangers to recycling, reusing and selling scrap.  The Arab Times reports that since the latest violence, Gazans are increasingly turning to trash picking for much needed cash.

Shaaban, 27, walks by, his head down looking for a bottle or better still a container that he could sell on.

‘I used to work in construction before. But since I was wounded, my hand has been paralysed,’ says the father of three, showing a large scar on the arm from the Hamas-Fatah battle of 2007.

Today he relies on UN handouts, including several kilos of rice and flour every three months.

‘It’s nowhere near enough,’ he says.

‘Rubbish is our life. You might as well say we don’t have a life.’


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