Upcycling.  It’s all the rage.  Want proof?  Just take a click through the internet this week.

Curbly posted on recycled kitchenware lighting, via the fantastic garblog Green Upgader.

Colander lamp by French designer "Garbage"

Colander lamp by French designer "Garbage"

The Temas Blog did a video roundup of Brazilian trashion.  This clip of looks fashioned from drink can tabs is my favorite.

Wooster Collective found not one, but two posts worth of fur coat upcycling by street artist Neozoon.

Upcycling ala Neozoon

Upcycling ala Neozoon

And the crafty mavens of Etsy shared all kinds of DIY upcycling for Valentine’s.  I love this men’s shirt turned party dress.


Upcycled shirt dress

Also, the heart jean skirt is literally badass.


5 Responses to “Upcycling”

  1. goddessjaz Says:

    it’s a little twitter dress! that skirt is badass, lol, but i’m really digging those shoe necklaces mad from old records. supafly!

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    I know. I NEVER tire of upcyled vinyl!

  3. isgreeneasy Says:

    These are such cool examples of upcycling. I’m inspired, although not as talented as the artists who created those amazing items! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Leila Darabi Says:

    Nice to discover your blog, Is Green Easy?

  5. CJ Says:

    Great post! I love to upcycle!

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