The MicroFueler


My friend Jen always finds the coolest stuff on blogs and is so sparse and disciplined about what she shares with others that you know: if she’s passing it on, it’s worth checking out.  Case in point, this DVICE blurb on Sierra Nevada’s MicroFueler.  Isn’t it the prettiest pump you ever did see?

Sierra Nevada's MicroFueler

For more on the beer-dregs-to-ethanol process, check out the original post on CNET.  For $10k, you can buy one for your home.  They should market these things to university frat houses.  What better companion to the kegerator in the kitchen than a microfueler in the driveway?

It’s been a gassy couple of days on the internet.  Yesterday the HuffPo posted on garbage-powered garbage trucks in Northern England, then this morning I found this blurb on busses in Oslo powered by methane collected from the city’s RAW SEWAGE. [Editor’s note: I’m not sure I’m as forward thinking as the Scandos on this one.  Perhaps Victor can act as cultural ambassador.  Is it just me, or are poo-powered busses a little gross?]

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2 Responses to “The MicroFueler”

  1. Victor Bernhardtz Says:

    Well, biogas (the popular name for biomethane) is big and growing in the European Union (of which Norway is not a member) with great speed. In Sweden, a popular use is bus fuel, which in my opinion has given quieter and less smelly buses. In the EU, about 11 terrawatt is produced annualy from sewage trash, to be compared with 36 terrawatt from scrap heaps.

    Poo on it’s own is fantastic! Hasn’t in been the fertilizer that brought us farmer tech? Horray for nitrogen and all that jazz. So Leila, shed your fear and get to know the poo and all the good it has given us. The best thing about this though is the Guardian headline: “Flush hour: Oslo to run buses powered by biomethane from human sewage”.

  2. everydaytrash Says:

    Ok, ok, I’ll try to get over by biogas bias. I’m all for animal-manure power. It’s human sewage that gives me trouble.

    I can’t believe I haven’t created a “poo” category yet. I’ll have to do that this weekend and go back and tag old posts like this one on dung.

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