Make Art, Not Trash


I’m not quite sure how to describe Make Art Not Trash links.  It’s an online collage, a blog in one page and a time-sucking portal for any trashie.  Here are some things I’ve discovered via this…installation.

Made in the Philippines

Made in the Philippines

A chair made of shoes.

Untitled, plastic bottle with Bondo glue and paint, 2000


Blob-like sculptures made of plastic bottles.

Keybag Red

Keybag Red

A keyboard turned handbag.

maison martin margiela

maison martin margiela

A halter top fashioned from vintage gloves.

Cassette Wallet

Cassette Wallet

And wallets made out of old cassette tapes. Those last two items are both via design boom, a site to bookmark for a day when the economy bounces back (or to keep an eye on now for DIY knock-off inspiration).

Here’s that Make Art Not Trash link once again.  Happy Web surfing.

UPDATE: just figured out that Make Art Not Trash links is just one page of the site Make Art Not Trash run by Cynthia Korzekwa of Art for Housewives fame.  What a Web presence!

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One Response to “Make Art, Not Trash”

  1. cynthia korzekwa Says:

    mille grazie for the links!

    isn’t it incredible the things one can make using trash?

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