Garbage Dreams


Recommended by unconsumption and SXSW.


2 Responses to “Garbage Dreams”

  1. Janet Says:


    After naming “Garbage Dreams” by director Mai Iskander the winner of the 2009 REEL Current Award at the Nashville Film Festival (NaFF), Al Gore — Nobel Peace Prize winner, Academy Award winner and former Vice-President of the United States — presented the award to Iskander on Friday of last week during a private meeting in Nashville.

    “‘Garbage Dreams’ is a moving story of young men searching for a ways to eke out a living for their families and facing tough choices as they try to do the right thing for the planet,” said Gore of the film. “Mai Iskander guides us into a ‘garbage village,’ a place so different from our own, and yet the choices they face there are so hauntingly familiar. Ultimately, ‘Garbage Dreams’ makes a compelling case that modernization does not always equal progress.”

  2. Leila Darabi Says:

    Wow. Fantastic news, thanks for the update. Now the real question: When are you screening in New York?

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