Origin Myth


Hey there, new readers. Everydaytrash.com has had a bit of a growth spurt recently and it occurs to me some of you might be wondering what this site is all about. While we champion happy confusion, here are some bits of historical and autobiographical information for the unsatisfied among you.


  • Everydaytrash.com is a blog about the art and politics of the world through the lens of garbage.
  • I started everydaytrash back in August of ’06 with a post entitled “This is a blog about trash.
  • I like to make up words. Like “garblogging,” “garblog” and “garblogger”.
  • A Short History of Garblogging can be found here.
  • Last November, I recruited my friend Victor to write for everydaytrash.com  from Stockholm. Last month he moved to Brooklyn.
  • Now there are two of us and everydaytrash.com is growing from an extension of my trash-obsessed personality to a multi-voiced conversation about art, power, people, politics and waste.
  • We love comments.
  • And trash tips. Send us your story ideas!
  • We are on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We are part of a larger online community, as evidenced by the ever-growing side bar list of Garbloggers and Greenloggers. We encourage you to check them out as well.



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    […] one becomes anthropologist in resident for the Department of Sanitation, yours truly who shared the origin myth of everydaytrash.com and Lisa Dowda of Chasing Sanitation. To round out the day, Paul closed with […]

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