Garbloggers on Twitter, unite and take over!


Late yesterday we discovered that on Twitter (another Internet sensation), the hashtag #trash is not really used by anyone for anything in particular. These days are gone, fellow garbloggers. Please join us in filling #trash with the meaning it deserves (and remember to follow @hashtags to make it work)!

To learn more about Twitter and hashtags, check out the Twitter Fan Wiki.

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2 Responses to “Garbloggers on Twitter, unite and take over!”

  1. @everydaytrash, @bernhardtz « everydaytrash Says:

    […] @everydaytrash, @bernhardtz By Leila Darabi We are on Twitter, here and here and encourage you to use #trash. […]

  2. Skräpblogging är (just nu) roligare « Victor Bernhardtz Says:

    […] och bloggens grundare Leila Darabi hänger dessutom ofta på Twitter (vi heter everydaytrash), och uppmanar andra att hashtagga #trash. Den som håller på med sån’t kan gå med i vår fanclub på […]

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