Bridge day = trash day!


My dear folks spend a lot of time at their country house in rural Sweden. This week and weekend, Ascension Day means Thursday off, usually with the effect that everyone claims Friday as bridge day, i.e. day off too, and leave their cities. My folks are no different, how can one deny such a great opportunity to clean out winter trash in the summer house?

Dad reports he thought they would be the only ones being houseproud enough to visit the local town trash deposit this lazy day, but oh was he wrong. There was a cue! Conclusion: Swedes take time off work to drive mile long stretches to recycle. Is this just us? Memorial day is coming up in the US this Monday, does it mean the recycling will overflow in Park Slope? Experienced citizens, pray tell.

EDIT: Dad now reports that Swedish Public Service television news says today is Sweden’s busiest recycling day of the year. All thanks to a legend about the ascent of this guy who preached about “be nice to people”, some 2000 years ago. Who said religion wasn’t useful?

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3 Responses to “Bridge day = trash day!”

  1. Leila Darabi Says:

    How is it that every Swede I know has a country house? The economy must really be kicking!

    Sadly, as far as I know Memorial Day produces more trash than it reclaims: paper plates, paper napkins, paper flags on the ends of toothpicks…

  2. evolvingideas Says:

    Hello Victroll!
    It’s great to see you on the net these days! I might head over to NY in July, will check to see if you are in town then and perhaps up for a beer or something.
    Best wishes / Gustav

  3. Victor Bernhardtz Says:

    Gustav! I will indeed be around for all of July as it looks now, so get together is a must happen event!
    Warmest wishes until then./VIc

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