Sweden decides on long term nuclear trash storage


Today the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB), the entity tasked with finding out where and how to store Sweden’s ultra dangerous radioactive trash, decided on where they will recommend the construction of the long term repository. The winner is Östhammar, a municipality with just over 21,000 inhabitants in southeast Sweden.

At today’s press conference, representatives of the municipality were serious-looking and happy, having beat the municipality Oskarshamn in the race to become nuclear trash spot no 1, they of course talked wide about cooperation, but it’s an ill kept secret that people in power back in Östhammar are jubilant over this decision.

One might find it odd that two municipalities would compete and advocate that they have the best mountain core for nuclear trash, but it just goes to show the power of tra$h, I guess, nuclear being the ultimate trash after all. That, or people are just outright bonkers. To learn all about how the final disposal will happen, check out the 101 on nuclear trash storage at the SKB website.

UPDATE: Follow this link to Swedish newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning to see pix of Östhammar storage site boss celebrating with cake. The local government commissioner cried tears of joy (yes, she did). Then take a look at the most important YouTube clip ever about #cake. (Many thanx to @gerontedodedon for inspiration.)

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