El Anatsui


Ghanaian-born/Nigerian-dwelling artist El Anatsui uses all kinds of cool trash in his work: from would-be discarded casava graters to the caps used to top off local home brew, to milk tins and so on. Check out  the National Museum of African Art Web site for more images and to hear the artist himself describe his work, such as the Crumbling Wall pictured here.

Crumbling Wall

Crumbling Wall

T Magazine also did a pretty good piece back in February detailing the “pop recycling” and overall “Africanness” to El Anatsui’s deceptively simple pieces that fuse everyday materials into works of art. Thanks to art historian Media Farzin for the tip.

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3 Responses to “El Anatsui”

  1. cynthia korzekwa Says:

    lelia, my major compliments to you…your blog has really evolved…fantastic!

  2. Discarded and New: The Sculpture of El Anatsui - PSFK.com Says:

    […] [via Everyday Trash] […]

  3. Leila Darabi Says:

    Thanks, Cynthia. That’s such a compliment coming from you!

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