Norwegian dumpster diving


There are indeed dumpster divers everywhere. The Norwegian Brodcasting Corporation (NRK, who provide both public radio and TV in Norway) last weekend ran a piece on freegan Børge Roum, who brought viewers to take part in his dumpster diving late at night. Roum is ten years in the business of protesting against excessive consumption, and takes home more or less everything, even though he’s careful about dairy products.

The piece also provided facts on thrown away food in Norway, which stand at 100 kilos (220 pounds) per person per year, making it a nationwide total of 50,000 tonnes per year.

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2 Responses to “Norwegian dumpster diving”

  1. Børge A. Roum Says:

    Hey, thanks for writing about the story on me, I appreciate that. But it’s more like two years, than ten I’ve been doing this. Just FYI.. 🙂

  2. Leila Darabi Says:

    Thanks for the clarification!

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