Update on Brazil returning UK’s trash


This just in from Brazil’s Secretariat for Social Communications (SECOM): The hazerdous waste found in Brazil and shipped back to the UK last week may have been labeled as recycling materials, though the containers turned out to hold diapers, animal feed packages and other nastiness. In response, Brazil is envoking international law on the matter. According to Em Questao, SECOM’s online newsletter:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked Brazil’s Permanent Delegation in Geneva to report the traffic of hazardous waste from the UK under the terms of the Basel Convention. On July 23, 2009, Minister Celso Amorim spoke with British Chancellor David Miliband, who said the subject will be given the required attention. Amorim stressed Article 9 of the Convention, which says that the exporter shall bear responsibility for returning the illegal shipment to the country of origin. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment and IBAMA are still evaluating the need for additional measures.

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2 Responses to “Update on Brazil returning UK’s trash”

  1. Victor Bernhardtz Says:

    W00p! The Basel Convention! Anyone interested in reading it will find a link at the bottom of this post from April: https://everydaytrash.com/2009/04/28/whats-weee-and-why-is-it-bad/

  2. Leila Darabi Says:

    International law, represent!

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