Reposting trashy art from PingMag


PingMag, a sleeping Tokyo-based magazine about design, posted a long and very interesting piece about the art of Leo Fitzmaurice in April 2007. I was enlightened by a friend only this weekend, and feel that even though it’s dated, you have to check out the trashy relational art of plastic garbage bags, conference flyers and french fries boxes! Examples shown below, but check out the post!

Trash bunnies from Liverpool

Trash bunnies from Liverpool

French fries CCTV

French fries CCTV

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One Response to “Reposting trashy art from PingMag”

  1. Leila Darabi Says:

    I LOVE those bunnies. They remind me of the ones Ruby Re-usable made from Wonderbread bags last Easter. Incidentally, I googled plastic bag bunnies to see if I could find a close up of these and came across not one but TWO frantic inquiries from pet owners about real live bunnies that had accidentally eaten plastic bags. Go figure. I hope the bunnies passed them safely!

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