Buy it, use it, break it, junk it…


Entertaining and informative video from Greenpeace featuring their electronics waste campaigns. Via 365 Days of Trash.

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One Response to “Buy it, use it, break it, junk it…”

  1. Mona Says:

    Hello Everyday Trash

    My name is Mona and I’m currently helping out at Green Thing ( We at Green Thing really like your site. It’s right up our street as we’re always trying to inspire people to lead greener lives with ideas and creativity and reducing waste is part of that.

    Green Thing was founded to try and inspire people to lead greener lives by making sustainable living fun, funny, smart, sexy, fashionable and something worthwhile on its own terms. We call this approach Creativity vs Climate Change – you can see more about that in this 3min TED talk that one of Green Thing’s co-founders, Andy, gave last year:

    Or you could have a look at some of our award-wining videos here:

    I wonder if you’d mind if we used your RSS feed to display as stories on our site under our section called all-consuming. Each story would be fully attributed to you and link back to, so would hopefully drive higher search visibility and traffic too. We do this already pulling in #kept and #lastyears twitter stories, and we’ve also done it with who have agreed to let us use their RSS feed.

    If you haven’t come across yet I think you’d like it. It’s a non-profit so all we’re interested in is inspiring people to lead more sustainable lives – this would be re-displaying your content, attributed/linked, which would get you more reach and allow us to show visitors more inspiring stories to make them act more sustainably.

    Anyway, keep up the fine work and if you could let me know if you’re cool about displaying the stories that’d be great.

    All the best –Mona

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