The Daily Ocean


Most mornings, Sarah Bayles spends 20 minutes collecting trash around the same spot at her local beach in Santa Monica, weighs and photographs what she finds and blogs about it on her site The Daily Ocean. For more on why she does this, check out LA Green Girl’s interview with Bayles here.

Lighter via The Daily Ocean

Lighter via The Daily Ocean

Bayles plans to keep up the trash pick up for 365 (non-consecutive) days because you know how we love to conceptualize our environmental impact in terms of years. What I like about this project is a, there’s a new garblog in town and b, it’s a personal but not personality-driven project. The blog tracks the impact of everyone who uses that patch of beach as well as the reverse impact of the one person cleaning it up.

via 365 Days of Trash

The photos on The Daily Ocean are a bit like a West Coast Version of Last Night’s Garbage and remind me of Any Hughes’ amazing beach debris photography.

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