Baggage Claims


I’m back! So much trash to catch up on. For starters, last week the Wall Street Journal compared the environmental impact, usability and, of course, stylishness,  of reusable shopping bags in this slide show.

Photo credit: Boyle + Gardner

Photo credit: Boyle + Gardner

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3 Responses to “Baggage Claims”

  1. ioman01 Says:

    Hi Leila. Hope you had a great visit to Rio. Did you get a chance to visit the “trash museum”?

  2. Leila Says:

    I did! Keep meaning to post photos. BEST tourist advice we got!!

  3. ioman01 Says:

    Can’t wait to see them! Unfortunately during my visit to the museum I didn’t have my camera with me, and this last trip to Brazil I didn’t have time to stop by it again to snap some photos. Hope the other tips were useful too. 🙂

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