The trash of death


Ever thought of why people keep alarming there are too many people on the planet, creating too much trash, but never discuss what happens when we ourselves become trash, in that crude, horrible form of corpses? Swedish marine biologist Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak has, and she is up to something. Actually, she has been for many years, but I just recently learned about it from the September issue of the Swedish magazine Filter (who refuse to publish articles online).

Wiigh-Mäsak started pondering sometime in the late 90’s on the bad logic that we don’t really smoothly return to earth and become shadow and dust, but rather rot in coffins and at long length make it out of the coffins in the form of harmful liquids tainting the soil  and subsoil water, or are disbanded all over the atmosphere in cremation. While I personally like the idea of being sent of in particles too small to see, one must admit she has a case.

Wiigh-Mäsak’s sollution, soon to be rolled out by her enterprise Promessa Organic Inc., is to freeze-dry corpses with liquid nitrogen, and then bury them in coffins made of corn starch, just a foot below ground. She further suggests a tree or bush to be planted above the coffin, as primary beneficiary of the soon-to-be-mould corpse and coffin. This new method obviously sparks questions on ethics (“liquid nitrogen” has a rather unethical ring to it, no?), questions to which Wiigh-Mäsak gave this reply, to Filter:

I would like to show [the Swedish IRS] a twenty year old grave. After that, we could discuss ethics.

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